R-Cloud: Self-Service HPC Bought Online
R-Fusion: Client-Tailored HPC - with Hands-on Technical Guidance
R-Edge: Purpose-Built HPC for Your Exclusive Use

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With vast computing resources, R-HPC Products Powered by R Systems Infrastructure offers three compute resource options tailored to fit your needs. Obtain bleeding-edge technology with R-Edge. Benefit from hands-on technical guidance and configuration with R-Fusion. Utilize a private cloud and virtualized environments with R-Cloud. Our service lines are backed by our hallmark Service as a Service (SVaaS) tech support and expert guidance is provided by R-Team. We work with you to create a custom solution that will best match your usage requirements and expectations.

Put simply, we offer outstanding HPC products and services, all efficiently integrated into systems for clients to access when they need them, with the support they desire.

Some markets we serve: Bio-Tech Sciences, Electronic Design Automation, Entertainment, Financial Services, Health Care, Insurance, Motorsports, Oil & Gas, Wind Energy and Weather Forecasting.

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